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Karan Khanna - Systematic Trader Turns $800 to $300k Verified Profits in 1.5 Years

July 07, 2022 David Capablanca, Karan Khanna Season 2 Episode 197
The Friendly Bear
Karan Khanna - Systematic Trader Turns $800 to $300k Verified Profits in 1.5 Years
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Show Notes

Episode 197: Karan Khanna is a software engineer and part time systematic trader who turned $800 into $300k in verified profits in 1.5 years. In this episode, Karan goes over how he collects and sorts through data in order to come up with his systems for trading. Karan also discusses some of his ideal setups and how he's going about dealing with the current market environment.

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Karan Khanna
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Karan's book recommendations
A Complete Guide To Volume Price Analysis
2. Price Action Breakdown

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